• "Stealers" of VVIET
    emerged as runners up
    at "Spandan 2013"
    a dance contest by Infosys
  • "Best Lady Speaker"
    Mythri V. Shenoy - Engineering
    III place - At the State Level
    inter Collegiate
    English debate competition
  • Google Student Ambassador
    Tejaswini - Engineering
  • Rank holders of VTU Exams
    Neethu N Gowda | Varun Kumar |
    Chaitra R - Engineering
  • Polytechnic & ITI students
    Secured III prize for the project
    "Power Transmission without
    any physical medium"

welcome to Our

Educational Institution

Vidya Vikas Educational Trust was established in 1991 with a motto of providing education aspiring to global thought leadership.

The mission that was spelt out by the founder, Chairman VASU, of the VVET®, was to contribute substantially to the development of education by providing holistic education to students from both urban and rural domains.

The institution is located near Bannur and spread over a sprawling campus of 65 acres with academic and administrative buildings surrounded by lush-green ambience. The institution is known for its disciplined academic climate. Since its inception, Vidya Vikas Educational Trust have catapulted into one of the leading educational institutions ranging from primary school to undergraduate and post graduate colleges covering the Arts, Commerce, Hospitality, Nursing, Social Work, Education and all facets of Engineering in the districts of Mysore, Chamarajnagar and Bangalore Urban and Rural in the State of Karnataka.



The vision of the VVET® is to surge ahead in the academic sphere by transforming and reinventing the learning methodologies. It seeks to develop in each member of the VVET® community, the ability and passion to work creatively and effectively for the betterment of self and society.



To build an educational platform with a focus on student’s personality development.

To enhance education models by emphasizing on quality.

To provide constructive learning environment to students and allowing them to dabble with their creativity.

To offer a unique combination of realistic testing experiences, skilled faculty and quality study materials.

To furnish every member of the student on campus a stimulating enriched atmosphere of learning, sharing and growing.


Vidya Vikas Educational Trust was established in 1991 in response to the growing need of competent professionals in the technical domain and nurturing young minds who could efficiently manage India’s growing industries. Initially, Vidya Vikas Polytechnic colleges were instituted in Mysore and Bangalore with the objectives of providing high quality technical education and assisting the industry through research and consulting services.

With this modest beginning and success, in 1997, VVET ® decided to institute a technical college at the graduate level, which led to the establishment of The Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering Technology in Mysore.

The vision to diversify into various sectors stemmed from the need to expand and keep pace with a rapidly growing job market in order to build the career path of students. Colleges across diverse spheres of Arts, Commerce, Nursing, Hospitality, Management Studies, and Social Work gained root as a result.

The need to instill a sense of direction from the beginning of a student’s educational journey and to mould the thinking of the student to transform into an individual with virtuous traits of character, VVET ® decided to set up a school to build their horizon in the academic sphere.

Mr. Vasu - Chairman, played a pivotal role in setting up of these institutions, while Mr. Kaveesh. V. Gowda, Secretary, contributed in bringing about a transition in the academic ambience, which resulted in the success of these institutions.

VVET® believes in the philosophy of “kaizen” or continuous improvement, both in teaching methodologies and in nurturing student development. Hence, a growth oriented education is provided adept to the latest trends in industries, to bring about a positive change in the development of students. We educate students about the significance of embracing change to enable them to evolve and contribute to the growing economic and social needs.

Ever since its inception, a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research was given paramount importance and would continue to deliver the best of standards in the time to come.

The institution has attained a strong foothold among a bevy of prestigious colleges in India. In the past few years, the educational sector has witnessed students choosing subjects which gives stability for choosing their career paths.

We provide education to students with a focus on creating new opportunities for their professional journey by reinventing traditional models of education. We help students to incorporate skills that corporate world value and assist them to thrive in the new entrepreneur-based economy. We provide placement services with the top most brands in the market keeping in mind the long-term career prospects of students.



The library of the institute is well furnished and stocked with an impressive array of books catering to the requirements of the students. Besides, the library has educational CDs, national and international journals, and magazines in order to equip the students with current knowledge in business, trade and management information. The computer centre has computers with LAN environment in order to familiarize the students with latest business trends related to Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Systems Management. All the class rooms are equipped with latest teaching aids. The institute has a seminar hall with the capacity of 200 students for conducting guest lectures and seminars. We have an open air centre stage to organize academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular events.

Boarding facility for both boys and girls is available by tie-up with private hostels across the city. There are a fleet of 19 buses that shuttle students to and fro from home and college. Canteen, Chat Centre and Cafe Coffee Day facilities. First Aid and Immediate Medical assistance provided by Vidya Vikas Nursing college.

We have clean and well maintained playgrounds of over 5 acres, marked separately for various sports, like cricket, football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, throw ball, kabaddi, etc. Other facilities include photo copy cum stationery shop.

Campus security and regulations
We at Vidya Vikas care deeply about the safety and well-being of everyone on this campus - every student, faculty member, staff member and visitor. We have vigilant and well trained Security staff who maintain security at the gate and patrol the campus continuously. CCTVs are placed all over the campus and are constantly monitored to provide additional security.

The College’s Non-smoking Policy is intended to provide a safe and healthy environment and to comply with the law that bans smoking in college premises. Alcohol, drugs, gambling and other such activities are strictly prohibited and those found indulging in them on campus will be meted out with strict punishments as per our internal disciplinary regulations.

Prosperity through diversity:
Diversity enriches the educational experience. We learn from those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are different from our own, and these lessons can be taught best in a richly diverse intellectual, social and cultural environment.

Our students come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds from as far as Iran, Africa, Middle East and from various states in India.

This is aptly complemented by our faculty who come with varied rich experience in industry, academics, research and from some of the premier and most prestigious institutes like IIT, IISC, NIT, and Universities abroad, to provide a good blend of diversity for an enriching experience on campus..




Kaveesh Gowda

Sri. Kaveesh Gowda


Sri. K.R. Panduranga


Smt. Chandrakala P. Gowda.


Smt. K.R.Laxmi



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Mysore - 570 028
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Fax : (0821) 247 3586
E-mail : info@vidyavikas.edu.in

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