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The Vidya Vikas Educational Trust was established in 1991 in response to the growing need of competent professionals in the technical domain and nurturing young minds who could efficiently manage India’s growing industries. Initially, Vidya Vikas Polytechnic colleges were instituted in Mysuru and Bengaluru with the objectives of providing high quality technical education and assisting the industry through research and consulting services

With this modest beginning and success, in 1997, VVET ® decided to institute a technical college at the graduate level, which led to the establishment of The Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering Technology in Mysuru.

The vision to diversify into various sectors stemmed from the need to expand and keep pace with a rapidly growing job market in order to build the career path of students. Colleges across diverse spheres of Arts, Commerce, Nursing, Hospitality, Management Studies, and Social Work gained root as a result.

The need to instill a sense of direction from the beginning of a student’s educational journey and to mould the thinking of the student to transform into an individual with virtuous traits of character, VVET ® decided to set up a school to build their horizon in the academic sphere.

Mr. Vasu, Chairman, played a pivotal role in setting up of these institutions, while Mr. Kaveesh. V. Gowda, Secretary, contributed in bringing about a transition in the academic ambience which resulted in the success of these institutions.

VVET® believes in the philosophy of “kaizen” or continuous improvement, both in teaching methodologies and in nurturing student development. Hence, a growth oriented education is provided adept to the latest trends in industries, to bring about a positive change in the development of students. We educate students about the significance of embracing change to enable them to evolve and contribute to the growing economic and social needs.

Ever since its inception, a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research was given paramount importance and would continue to deliver the best of standards in the time to come.

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