It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts about the well-known and reputed educational institute, VVIET, Mysuru.

I am proud to say that, this very institute has helped me in acquiring various skills required to match the industrial standards pertaining to Civil Engineering. Meanwhile it has given me a platform to showcase my talents by organizing events in both technical and cultural aspects.

Due to continuous encouragement and support from the faculty, it was possible for me to participate in various state level technical events. I am also glad to share that I have won prizes in various disciples and all because of continuous encouragement from the faculties. Due to all the above insights along with the support from college placement head it was possible for me to get placed in a reputed company.

This gives me a great sense of pride to share that I am the proud alumni and also a student, pursuing my post graduate degree in CADS.

Prathibha V R
Alumni and current MTech Student

I opted civil engineering because I have been always fascinated by the various technologies and practices in the construction field. Joining VVIET proved to be an excellent decision because it became a catalyst for me to study my fascinations and get acquainted with it, and I must say it was fun.

I have had a wonderful experience in the past four years of my stay in this institution. The infrastructure is great and provides an excellent atmosphere for learning. The faculty is a blend of experience and wisdom with energy and enthusiasm. While the learning opportunities from the experienced faculties are infinite, the younger faculties have made sure that the learning experience is fun by creating an energetic atmosphere. They have been supportive throughout. The institution has also been a platform for development of extracurricular skill sets by organizing various events and competitions. The faculties have been kind and considerate enough to organize technical talks and seminars, industrial visits, etc., to make sure that we are updated with the latest, and are well equipped to face the real world competition.

I am glad that I chose VVIET and am proud be a part of this amazing institution.

Uthappa A N
8th semester Civil Engineering

The journey of being an average student to distinction holder would never be accomplished without the support and encouragement of my teachers. My department has put forth its complete effort to teach and bring out the best out of me in every aspect. My college has fulfilled all my requirements and helped me to groom and evolve as a professional. I proudly say, because of my college, I behold all capabilities to aspire my dreams in mere future. So I thank each and everyone who have helped me to acquire great chunk of knowledge and for what I am today.also, I have had the most remarkable four years in this college.

Adarsh K Murthy
8th semester civil engineering.

My experience with Vidya Vikas Institute of Technology is possibly the most admirable moments of my life. For the past 3 years of institutionalized learning, I have become accustomed to surrounding myself with those who were familiar to me as my friends and those who are like me. The idea of being in a new place with new people in Karnataka as I belong to Himachal Pradesh,none of which I knew before scared me. This experience turned out to be the complete opposite of what I had envisioned during the weeks leading up to this anxiety-filled affair.The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. Thanks to the extra non-technical activities as it made me very familiar to practical world of knowledge. I have learnt to organize myself and others too in a very proper way. The college has great modern facilities which promote great learning environment and flexible schedules that suit to meet the needs of a student like me. What I also love in the institution is the fact that I was able to meet different people with different cultural backgrounds because I can also learn a lot from them.I felt that college environment was very friendly starting from teachers to students.I would also appreciate here the teaching methodology, which was quite professional in terms of multimedia power point presentations on important topics, provision of hard copies of helpful notes from mentioned books in required assignment tasks.

Shubham Raj
8th semester civil engineering.

I Poojitha.Sin the discipline of civil engineering in this institution, owe my gratitude to the faculty for expertizing me in both practical and theoretical aspects exquisitely.I attest as member of BAI(Builders Association of India) and also a core member of GOOGLE STUDENT ORGANISATION,VVIET BRANCH.My institution has helped me develop my personality by providing numerous opportunities as main coordinator of cultural activities, master of ceremony and has also technically enriched me by organizing various technical talks,industrial visits & competitions.My institution is equipped with all student essentials and is helping me design a successful career.

Poojitha S
6th semester Civil

Our college support us for both technical and non-technical events. This collage has given me the stage and also the opportunity to get recognized as a state level dancer along with my team which has won many prizes around the state. Support from the college to achieve this has been immense. Along with this I have represented our college for technical events workshops under the guidance of faculty and support from management. Timely industrial visits to various construction sites and treatment plants have helped me in understanding the practical approach in Civil Engineering. I am proud core member of the student body GOOGLE STUDENT ORGANISATION which is formed under GOOGLE AMBASADOR PROGRAME. Faculties help us in every aspect to build our curriculum. Our department, the HOD and all the faculties have been a backbone to me throughout. I am happy to have joined this college which has helped me to carve my future in a better way.

Malvika R S
6th semester Civil Engineering

I owe my gratitude to my respected faculties. My institute has helped me in various aspects like providing seminars,technical talk, site visits and other academic activities.It has helped us in cultural activities as well by sending us to different competitions held in different parts of the state. This has helped me getrecognized as a state level dancer. We are happy and thankful to the institute for the Opportunity to participate at various state level competitions and we have been successful in bringing fame to the college by winning prizes. I am very grateful to our HOD Dr.M.N. Shesha Prakash for all the help support in both academic and cultural growth of my carrier. Apart from classroom teaching, we are members of BAI Builders Association of India, a complete Civil based Association and this has helped us gain practical knowledge in our stream. I would like to thank my management and my HOD and my faculties for giving me a great support and I feel lucky to be a part of this institution.

SumanthPrabhu G
6th semester Civil engineering

VVIET is the right place for a student who wants to amass knowledge and technical diversity in his/her stream. This can definitely be attributed to the committed professors who have excelled in their fields of expertise.Guest lectures and seminars are organized with great zeal and commitment. Campus events are colorful, indulgent and bring out the best in us. The placement training program introduced this year was definitely a high point for every student’s enhanced future. The uniqueness of college can be derived from the drive with which every department, cultural and technical clubs invest to achieve the overall development of a student. Finally I would like to express that my college is there to support me, this is the only assurance I need.

4th semester civil engineering

I am Mukunda .M.Y. Of 6th semester civil department, I owe my gratitude to my respected faculties. My institute has helped me in various aspects like by providing seminars, technical talk and other academic activities and it has helped us in cultural activities as well. In our department, they have been giving a huge support for everything related to our subject by providing technical talks, educational and industrial trips, for that I am very greatfull to our HOD Dr.M.N. Shesha Prakash. We are getting a great form of teaching by senior and dignified professors like Dr.P. Mahadevappa and Dr.N.R.Krishnaswamy. We have been provided Placement training by FACE academy which is very helpful in placements. We all have been made as a member of BAI Builders Association of India and Nirman associations which are complete Civil based Association. I would like to thank my management and my HOD and my faculties for giving me a great support and I feel lucky to be a part of this institution.

Mukunda .M.Y.
6th semester civil department

I am ChandanaM.N of 6th semester studying indepartment of civil engineering of VVIET Mysuru. Our college equipped with good infrastructure, highly qualified staff, and transportation facility spread throughout Mysuru city, and is providing good encouraging atmosphere to the young aspirants, to build up our carrier.

I sincerely reserve my gratitude to all my deserve faculties and also to the temple of education and that is our collage. The stepping board to jump to the sky of popularity fame and prosperous future life. Over again I thank all my faculties with folded hands, and the place where all we have been thought.

6th semester studying indepartment of civil engineering

My name is Prakash.Ainapur studying in 2nd semester in the department of civil engineering of Vidya Vikas institute of engineering and technology. I am proud to be the student of VVIET as I am getting complete support from all the lecturers in all the fields like both education and in cultural activities and hence it helped me to be recognised as a state level dancer within a span of one year. I am actually from Hubli of north karnataka and here i have got good company of friends giving good motivation and also helping in studies. We are also been given placement training right from the 1st year which we cannot find in any other engineering colleges and hence I would like to say I will be having the best time of my life for next three years.

2nd semester in the department of civil engineering

My name is Sannutha J Shastrystudying in 2nd sem in the department of civil Engineering of Vidya Vikas institute of engineering and technology.Our institution VVIET has a sprawling campus coupled with great infrastructure. It is embellished with good faculty and staff members. It is heartening to note that the faculty members are highly knowledgeable, often ready to guide the students. They are all cordial to us. The institution is equipped with up to date facilities in the lab. The institution has provided excellent transport facilities thereby saving the students from a risky journey from home. It is indeed a pleasure studying in this institution.

Sannutha J Shastry
2nd sem in the department of civil Engineering

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